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What is the history of CrossFit?

Have you ever wondered about the history of CrossFit and who the crazy person was who thought of "FRAN"?  This is an interesting video about Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit.

Did You Know You Can Start CrossFit Today?

Did you know you could start doing CrossFit today or tomorrow even if you've never been to a class?  
The Machine Shop owners are the coaches and over 25years of combined experience working in the fitness industry and are capable of managing both current and new members in any CrossFit Class.


Slow Motion Muscle Up

Check out these videos we did to help you understand the breakdowns of Muscle-up transitions for MU days in July!

Muscle up Day(s) will be July 16th and 30th! Be sure to book into gymnastics class on these two days if you already have your strict pull-up and ring dip and we will get you working on the proper progressions and get you a muscle up by the end of Summer!!

Cardio CrossFit

Have you noticed?  Cardio CrossFit is challenging and you never know what the coaches will add to the mix.  Running, flipping tires, box jumps, farmer carries, keg walks and many more options are at the coaching teams disposal so come on out and try a Cardio CrossFit!  No Theory just action!

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