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Give CrossFit for Christmas!

CrossFit for Christmas

Ti's the season to give AND receive so we are giving you a Starbucks gift card with the purchase of a 10-pack flexi-pass or a 20 pack flexi- pass punch card!

If you are struggling to find that ideal gift for someone special why not give them a "6 PACK?"  

The "6 PACK" trial punch cards are ONLY available for purchase during the month of December. This trial punch card is for new members only and can only be redeemed for Cardio Crossfit classes.  

If you have a friend or family member who has been on the fence about trying Crossfit, now is the perfect time to introduce them the Machine Shop. 6 PACKs are available for only  $59 each (6 classes) or or 2  for $100. So why not introduce two friends/family members to Crossfit? 

*one 6 PACK trial punch card can be redeemed per person. 

If you are interested in any of the Christmas Special please see Angie.

What is the history of CrossFit?

Have you ever wondered about the history of CrossFit and who the crazy person was who thought of "FRAN"?  This is an interesting video about Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit.


NEW! Strongman Classes & Cardio CrossFit

NEW to CrossFit Machine Shop!  

Strongman classes have been added to the schedule and will be offered Sunday's at 10am and will be taught by Sam, Hannah and Dean.

This class will focus on helping you get stronger which will help improve your performance. We will use stones, tires, logs, axels, sleds, yokes and many more Strongman tools so get ready to challenge yourself. 

There will also be a small workout at the end of each class possibly involving other movements and exercises that we do at the CFMS on a regular basis. Who should come? Anyone and everyone interested in getting strong and having fun doing it!

Note: Spin has moved back to 10:00 am on Sunday's

We are also adding CARDIO CROSSFIT to the schedule and have placed classes randomly  throughout the December schedule.

These class will focus on keep you moving and keep your heart rate elevated throughout this class. Since the focus is on cardio we will not be including a skill lift in these classes.  

CROSSFIT CARDIO is a circuit style class which will be approximately 45 min of non-stop exercise involving all sorts of CF movements along with lots of cardio (bikes, rowers, skipping, treadmill,air dyne, stepper...)

This class is here just in time for Christmas and for all you food lovers;) 

The days and times of this class are randomly placed throughout the month in order to give everyone a chance to try it out. We will implement this class on more of a regular schedule come January. 

This is a great class for everyone! Especially if you are a newbie and maybe intimated by some of the big heavy barbell movements.

Did You Know You Can Start CrossFit Today?

Did you know you could start doing CrossFit today or tomorrow even if you've never been to a class?  
The Machine Shop owners have years of experience working in the fitness sector and are capable of managing both current and new members in any CrossFit Class.